Abbey Road LP


UK Release Date 26 September 1969
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCS 7088
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 108 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (for 17 weeks)
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 749-2 / YEX 750-1


I have 5 copies of Abbey Road on vinyl (one is in the stereo box set). Below are details of my first press, fifth press, picture disc and US 40th anniversary limited edition box set. These are all stereo, there were no mono copies.

First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy released on 26 September 1969. The matrix numbers are YEX 749-2 and YEX 750-1. If you have a look at the side 2 label you’ll see that it does not have an Her Majesty song credit after The End, something that was corrected almost immediately in september 1969 for second presses onwards. Also take a look at the track listing on the back of the cover and you’ll notice that the apple logo at the bottom is out of alignment with this and to the left. This was something that was also amended on later copies with the apple aligned with the song listing (as per my fifth press below this).

The sleeve is in very good, some might say excellent, condition, just some minor scuffing and ringwear, whilst the record itself plays excellent all the way through. There is some feint crackle here and there but no skips, sticks or jumps. It does not have it’s original black inner sleeve.

Estimated Value £40 – £50


Fifth Press

The pictures below are of my fifth press which would have been pressed some time between mid 1976 and 1980. The matrix numbers on this copy are YEX 749-4 and YEX 750-2U. The side 1 matrix number on a fourth press would be YEX 749-3 whilst the matrix number on side 2 of a sixth press would be YEX 750-3.

The sleeve is in very good to excellent condition, just some very minor scuffing and ringwear, whilst the record itself plays excellent all the way through. There is some feint crackle here and there but no skips, sticks or jumps.It comes with a white EMI inner.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15


Picture Disc

Below are pictures of my picture disc which dates from 1979. The serial number is 5C P062-04243 and the almost impossible to find matrix numbers are YEX 749-4 and YEX 750-3. There are a lot of fakes around for this picture disc so a couple of things to look for on an original UK sleeve are the Limited Edition yellow circle on the front and the Limited Picture Edition followed by Sound Quality May Not Be Comparable To Conventional Edition text at the back on the bottom left. Fakes will also not have the typical Parlophone/Apple matrix numbers I’ve mentioned earlier and the majority omit the SIDE 1 and SIDE 2 lettering above BEATLES on the disc.

I’m a firm believer that picture discs and coloured vinyl are for collecting only and not for playing so have never had this on my turntable. Visually, however, it appears to be in perfect condition whilst the sleeve would rate as excellent, just the odd crease and some minor scuffing and also some price sticker removal residue top right.

Estimated Value : £40


US 40th Anniversary Box Set

Released in the US to celebrate the 40th anniversay of it’s original release this box set contains the original vinyl album, a T shirt and a poster. It was released on “Vinyl Saturday” (7 November 2009) by the people behind Record Store Day and was limited to 5000 copies.

You’ll see that my box set is actually still sealed and in perfect condition. You don’t see many for sale in the UK so it’s hard to value though at the time of writing there’s one on eBay with a “Buy It Now” of £250!!!!!!! I think I’ll aim a little lower.

Estimated Value : £100





  • Ivano says:

    I would like a comment on the following:
    Mi copy doesn’t have her majesty song credit,but the apple logo is alligned
    What press do you think Is it?

    • Newspapertaxi says:

      Hi Ivano
      It looks like you have a first press copy of the actual album but it’s just housed in a later sleeve – possibly released just as the “corrected” sleeves were introduced.

  • ivano says:


  • Nathan says:

    Hi I have a copy. The apple is in the correct place but it’s missing her majesty on the back sleeve.
    On the record side 1 is YEX 749 and side 2 is YEX 750

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