Dark Horse / Hari’s On Tour (Express) 7″ Single


UK Release Date 28 February 1975
UK Catalogue Number Apple R 6001
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position
Lowest Matrix Numbers 7YCE 21755-2U / 7YCE 21760-1U


Released in the UK on 28 February 1975, this was the second single from George’s Dark Horse album and became the first single by George to fail to chart. In the US, where it was backed by I Don’t Care Anymore, it was chosen as the first single to be released from the Dark Horse album, coming out on 18 November 1974, and faired much better, peaking at number 15.

Although George had had the song for a while, and had even recorded a rough version as early as November 1973, this version was not recorded until very late October 1974 when the band George was set to tour the US with recorded it live on a sound stage at A&M Studios in LA. This band included Billy Preston, Jim Keltner and former Apple artists Derrek and Lon Van Eaton. As can be heard on the finished track, George was suffering from Laryngitis at the time of recording and this would get no better during his North American tour that started only a few days later on 2 November 1974.

The term Dark Horse usually refers to someone who emerges from nowhere to come out on top, something George did with his Abbey Road songs and his early 70’s releases, but George has said that when he wrote the song he was thinking more of the Liverpudlian meaning of someone who is having an affair. Reading the lyrics, they could be directed at John and Paul or, as both she and George were not playing the faithful husband and wife at the time, at Patti.

The pictures below are of my push out centre first press copy (there were no solid centre copies) which has the matrix numbers 7YCE 21755-2U and 7YCE 21760-1U. It also has X-48945-Z5 hand etched into the A side run off. The record is in excellent condition, both visually and playing wise, whilst the picture sleeve, which contains the lyrics on both sides, would probably rate as good to very good. It has a small number 1 written in biro at the top, some ringwear and some wear around the opening but no splits or tears.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10



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