Double Fantasy CD


Initial UK Release Date 9 October 1986
Initial UK Catalogue Number Geffen 299131 2
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 37 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (For 2 weeks)


Originally released on 17 November 1980 in both the UK and the US, Double Fantasy was John’s first release following his five year break as a house husband during which time he had accrued a large backlog of songs he’d recorded in demo form. Recording started in secret on 4 August 1980 at the Hit Factory in New York before a record deal had even been put in place and once it was decided that the songs laid down were of good quality a record deal was sought. Despite offers from all the major record labels, Geffen Records, who had only formed that year, were chosen.

The last release in John’s lifetime, Double Fantasy won Album Of The Year for 1981 at the annual Grammy Awards.

It received it’s initial official release on CD in the UK on 9 October 1986 on the Geffen label under catalogue number 299131 2 and had the same track listing as the original album. I believe the first US CD release was nearly a year later on 15 September 1987, again on Geffen.

The next release came on 30 January 1989 when it was moved to Capitol Records in both the UK (this was a European release) and the US, both releases carrying the catalogue number CDP 7 91425 2.

A new remixed and remastered version was released in the UK/Europe and in the US on 9 October 2000 with three bonus tracks – Help Me To Help Myself (Home Demo 1980), Walking On Thin Ice and Central Park Stroll (17 seconds of dialogue). Both releases were again on the Capitol label with a UK catalogue number of 528 7392 and international, including US, catalogue number of 7243 5 28739 2 0.

Finally, on 4 October 2010, to celebrate John’s 70th birthday, a further release was issued on the Capitol label with barcode number 5099990599026. This version was a double CD which contained the original album digitally remastered from the original recording and also a second CD called Double Fantasy Stripped Down, which is basically the original album with simpler arrangements . This release spent one week in the UK charts at number 80. It could either be bought seperately or as part of the Signature box set.

I have 4 copies of the album on CD, the three shown below and one in the Signature Box Set


1989 UK/Europe Release

The pictures below are of my 1989 release. You may be able to make out that it says “Made In UK” on the bottom of the CD. The case (usual slight storage marks), 8 page insert and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5


2000 UK/Europe Release

The pictures below are of my 2000 release. The case (usual slight storage marks), 20 page insert and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5


2010 Remastered Release

The pictures below are of my 2010 remastered release which includes the stripped down version. The digipack sleeve, 16 page booklet and both CDs are all in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £10



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