Extracts From The Album A Hard Day’s Night EP


UK Release Date 6 November 1964
UK Catalogue Number Parlophone GEP 8924
Weeks On UK EP Chart 17
Peak UK EP Chart Position 8
Lowest Matrix Numbers 7TCE 850-1N / 7TCE 851-1N


Released on 6 November 1964, only two days after Extracts From The Film, this EP spent 17 weeks in the EP chart, it’s highest position being number 8, but failed to bother the singles charts. It contains four tracks from the album A Hard Day’s Night only whereas the previous EP contained tracks from the album AND film.

I have 2 copies on vinyl, the 1 shown below and one more in a box set.

First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy. It has RECORDING FIRST PUBLISHED 1964 at 9 o’clock on the label where a second press would just have (p) 1964. It also has SOLD IN THE UK…text across the centre of the record which you won’t find on second presses and the perimeter text starts THE PARLOPHONE CO LTD… as opposed to EMI RECORDS LTD…. which came on second presses from 1978. The matrix numbers on this copy are 7TCE 850-1N and 7TCE 851-1N and has a KT tax code. The record plays excellent throughout, just a few ticks, and the original sleeve is in very good to excellent condition as can be seen by the pictures, just some minor ringwear.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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