Hey Jude LP


UK Release Date 11 May 1979
UK Catalogue Number Parlophone PCS 7184
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed To Chart
Peak UK Chart Position
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 981-1 / YEX 982-1


Released in the US and most other places in Feb 1970 this wasn’t available in the UK on an official release until May 1979. The original 1970 album sold that well that copies were pressed in the UK at the time to export abroad. I have 2 copies, an early 70’s export copy and a 1979 UK first press.

Export Copy

The pictures below are of my export copy, catalogue number CPCS 106 and matrix numbers YEEX 150-1 and YEEX 151-1. I believe mine may be a second press from somewhere between 1971 and 1973 as it has a lighter green label with a large copyright (P). Very early presses have Paperback Writer mis spelled as Paper Back Writer and Revolution mis spelled as Revolutions.

The cover is in very good condition, the top seam needs a spot of glue and there’s some minor ringwear and creasing. The record itself is also in very good condition, there’s some feint crackle here and there but it plays through great with no skips, sticks or jumps. It comes with a plain white EMI inner.

Estimated Value : £20 – £25


UK First Press

This one is my UK first press from 1979, catalogue number PCS 7184 and matrix numbers YEX 981-1 and YEX 982-1. You’ll see that the perimeter text on the label starts with “EMI RECORDS LTD” and ends with “MADE IN GT. BRITAIN”, on a second press, from late 1980, it would start “ALL RIGHTS OF THE PRODUCER” and end “MANUFACTURED IN THE UK BY EMI RECORDS LTD”.

The record is in very good to excellent condition, there’s some very feint crackle now and then and the odd feint tick but no skips, sticks or jumps. The cover is in very good condition, some creasing and light ring wear and it comes with a plain white EMI inner

Estimated Value : £20


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