HMV Complete CD Collection

Released on 31 October 1988 this HMV limited edition box set (10,000 copies) consists of all The Beatles UK sudio albums plus Past Masters Volumes 1 and 2. There is a pull out drawer at the bottom of the box that contains a booklet, a poster and an instruction sheet on how to view the hologram that appears on the front of the box. The catalogue number is BEA CDBOX1

My copy shown below, number 3643, is in excellent condition as can be seen by the pictures though one of the White Album discs is in a bit of a poor state (easily replaced). The hologram on the front is still in full working order though capturing that in a picture was a bit difficult. The booklet, poster and instruction sheet are also in excellent condition.

Estimated Value £150



  • michael says:

    I’ve got an empty one. Tossing up whether to fill it with CD’s from that period. I’ve also got an empty roll top box from that era too. Have started to fill that.

    Also have the Australian release only gold leaf vinyl collection. Thankfully that has the vinyl in it. Thank heavens for that!

    • Newspapertaxi says:

      Hi Michael

      Thanks for your comment. You can pick the CDs up cheap enough so why not go for it – it’s The Beatles after all so these box sets can only increase in value!
      Your Australian gold leaf collection is worth looking after. Limited to only 4000 copies and fetches a nice price when any come up for sale.

  • michael says:

    Hi Newspapertaxi,
    A very late thank you for your reply!

    I’m still gathering CD’s for my empty roll top box. Nearly there but it is tricky to find Australian pressed CD’s from 1987 and 1988. The manufacture date is not always mentioned.

    Haven’t started on the HMV box yet. That will be challenging as I imagine all those CD’s are UK made.

    But they are special collections and worth it to be accurate with getting the correct CD’s.


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