Imagine – John Lennon – Music From The Motion Picture CD


Initial UK Release Date 10 October 1988
Initial UK Catalogue Number Parlophone CDPCSP 722
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 6 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 64


Released on 10 October 1988 in the UK and 4 October 1988 in the US, Imagine…. peaked at number 64 in the UK charts where it had a six week stay whilst it managed to climb to number 31 in the US charts. The album is the soundtrack to the movie which was released in the UK on 28 October 1988 and features some of John’s best songs from both his Beatle and solo careers. Of most interest will be the following three tracks

Real Love – John’s previously unheard acoustic home recorded demo from 1979

A Day In The Life – For the first time the “clean intro” was used for this track. On the Sgt Pepper’s album it had an overlapped beginning, starting whilst Sgt Pepper’s Reprise was ending, but this version just starts with John’s acoustic guitar. Nothing was tampered with as this is how The Beatles would have recorded it in 1967. EMI/Capitol/Apple proceeded to use this version on all subsequent compilation releases.

Imagine – John’s piano and vocals only demonstration to the session musicians who would play on the finished version.

There were a host of other Beatles and solo tracks, including Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, All You Need Is Love, Across The Universe and Come Together that appeared in the film but didn’t make this soundtrack.

The initial UK CD release was a UK/Europe release under UK catalogue number CDPCSP 722 and international catalogue number 7 90803 2. The first US CD release was on the Capitol label with the same catalogue number as the UK/Europe release – 7 90803 2. We are now at the point where CDs and vinyl albums are receiving a joint release so the track listings will be the same

The CD was re issued in the UK/Europe and the US in 1992 with the same catalogue number. There was nothing new about it though Apple now appeared on the cover/disc.

The pictures below are of my 1988 UK/Europe copy. The case (usual slight storage marks), 12 page insert and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5



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