In Concert CD


Initial UK Release Date 3 October 2005
Initial UK Catalogue Number Disky SI 903345
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed To Chart
Peak UK Chart Position


This album, although being an All Starr recording, was released in the UK/Europe on 3 October 2005 under Ringo’s name only and failed to chart. There was no US release. It is on the Disky label under catalogue number SI 903345.

The recording was made at the Rosemont Theater, Chicago on 22 August 2001. With Ringo on the night were Greg Lake, Ian Hunter, Roger Hodgson, Howard Jones, Sheila E and Mark Rivera.

During each All-Starr tour, Ringo will perform some of his Beatles/solo songs then whoever was making up the All-Starr band at the time would take a turn performing a few of the hits from their band/solo careers. On this recording we have seven tracks from Ringo and seven from his band  members.

All fourteen tracks had previously been available on the Ringo And His New All Starr Band album that had been released in the US three years earlier. Strangely that US release had contained sixteen tracks but for this release The No No Song and Back Off Boogaloo have been excluded! Within a year Disky then re released this fourteen track version under catalogue number GO 904143 and with another new title – Ringo Starr And Friends.

Another thing to note is that another US release –  Extended Versions – The Encore Collection – released two years previously contained five tracks from this album then another five, previously unreleased, taken from the same concert.

I do not yet own a copy of this release



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