John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band LP


UK Release Date 11 December 1970
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCS 7124
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 11
Peak UK Chart Position 8
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 827-1U / YEX 828-1U


Released on 11 December 1970, John’s first “proper” album had an eleven week run in the UK charts peaking at number 8 whilst it spent eighteen weeks in the US charts reaching number 6. It mainly featured just John, Ringo and Klaus Voormann though both Billy Preston (on God) and Phil Spector (on Love) did add piano whilst Yoko contributed “wind” and Mal Evans provided “tea and sympathy”. It was recorded just after John had undergone primal therapy under Arthur Janov which encouraged him to relive his repressed childhood memories and all this comes out in the songs. Considered to be his best album, even today it makes it’s way into all the respectable “Top albums of all time” lists.

The pictures below are of my copy which has the matrix numbers YEX 827-1U and YEX 828-1U and mothers/stampers 4L and 3L. The fully laminated sleeve is in excellent condition whilst the record itself is also excellent, just the odd feint tick. My copy comes with a white EMI inner though first copies of this album came with a custom inner containing the lyrics (I’ll let you guess which lyrics in Working Class hero were astericksed out “at the insistence of EMI”).

Estimated Value : £10


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