Let It Be…Naked LP


UK Release Date 17 November 2003
UK Catalogue Number Apple 5954380
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 10 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 7


Released in November 2003 this was adverised as Let It Be as it was meant to be but is more Let It Be in the 21st century. Dig It and Maggie May have been dropped from the original version and Don’t Let Me Down brought in. This also showcases why CD will never beat vinyl – it has a lovely laminated gatefold sleeve with the Fly On The Wall disc being a 7″ record with it’s own sleeve and the booklet being 12″. It reached number 7 in the UK charts

My version has the matrix numbers 5954380 A1 and 5954380 B1 and everything is in excellent condition, the record itself playing through beautifully.

Estimated Value : £25


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