Let It Be LP


UK Release Date 8 May 1970
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCS 7096 (Box Set PXS 1)
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 54 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (for 3 weeks)
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 773-2U / YEX 774-2U


I have 4 copies of Let It Be on vinyl (one is in the stereo box set). Below are details of my first press box set, fourth press and US gatefold press. These are all stereo, there were no mono presses.


First Press Box Set

The pictures below are of my first press box set released on 8 May 1970. The matrix numbers are YEX 773-2U and YEX 774-2U. I have managed to cobble this box set together over the years – my brother’s mate gave me the book, my mate found the outer case in a junk shop (thanks Steve) and I managed to source a copy of the album itself. It’s still missing the full inner tray and the Apple advertising poster. The matrix numbers start to rise on one side or the other from second presses onwards.

The laminated outer case, album sleeve and book are all in very good condition with some creasing, scuffing and ringwear (see pictures). The record itself has the initials RH in small writing on the side one label and plays all the way through with no skips, sticks or jumps though it does have some background crackle and the odd pop/tick here and there.

Estimated Value : £150


Fourth Press

The pictures below are of my fourh press which would have been pressed some time between mid 1976 and 1980. The matrix numbers on this copy are YEX 773-3U and YEX 774-4. The side 2 matrix number on a third press would be YEX 774-3U whilst the matrix number on side 1 of a fifth press would be YEX 773-4.

The sleeve is in very good to excellent condition, just some very minor scuffing and ringwear, whilst the record itself plays excellent all the way through. There is hardly any crackle and there are no skips, sticks or jumps.It comes with a white EMI inner.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15


US Press

The pictures below are for my US press which comes in a gatefold sleeve. I’ve not really looked into the US albums but if you look at the side 1 label you’ll see the credit for Maggie Mae is listed as PD (Public Domain) which indicates that this is a first press, later copies, from the mid 70s, showed all 4 Beatles. I retrieved the album from my brother’s collection in the mid seventies and he’d had it for a while so that sort of backs it up.

As can be seen the heavy cardboard and unlaminated sleeve is in good condition. It has some wear and is coming away ever so slightly at the top, where there’s also an import hole punched in it. The album itself has some crackle here and there but plays through with no skips, sticks or jumps. It comes with a plain white inner sleeve.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15

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