Melodia Russian EP – Can’t Buy Me Love + 3

I bought this for 50p, along with three others, in the early 80’s from a Fox’s music shop. They specialise in instruments and I found them in the racks with the sheet music. I don’t really know a lot about it and can’t find anything on the internet. Released on the Melodia label – the cover has 1980 on the rear – it contains four random tracks.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Lady Madonna

I Should Have Known Better

The matrix numbers, if that’s what they are, are M62-35691 / 1-1 and M62-35692 / 1-1

The record plays through with light background crackle and the odd light tick. The flimsy paper cover is in great shape, just a little ringwear.

As for value I have so far only seen one on eBay with a “Buy It Now” of £50 which is probably a bit steep. I’ve also seen a similar Paul McCartney release for £20 which may be nearer the mark.

Estimated Value : £15 – £20


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  • Fenno Werkman says:

    White melodia label is most probably a bootleg copy because official melodia releases never had white label. I have doing research at Melodia according all Beatles and Stones releases. Mist probably this 1980 record is pressed in the Netherlands by bootleggers. Melodia Beatles singles and ep’s never had a photosleeve with the Beatles! They had neutral sleves with flowers or other neutral things.

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