Mind Games LP


UK Release Date 16 November 1973
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCS 7165
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 12
Peak UK Chart Position 13
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 927 1-U / YEX 928 1-U


Released on 16 November 1973 in the UK and nearly 3 weeks earlier on 29 October 1973 in the US, Mind Games reached number 13 in the UK charts with a twelve week stay whilst it managed to climb to number 9 in the US charts. It was recorded during a difficult period in John’s life – he was having marital problems with Yoko, was having to appear in court frequently in his battle to stay in the US and was under constant surveillance by the FBI. Although it was deemed an improvement over Some Time In New York City most critics were left unimpressed.

Details of the two vinyl copies I own (though there’s a third in a box set) are below.

First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy which has the matrix numbers YEX 927 1-U and YEX 928 1-U and mothers/stampers 4 GD and C CPC. Underneath the matrix on side one is hand etched SW-1-3414-Z8 whilst an hand etched SW-2-3414-Z8 appears beside the matrix on side two. These are the American matrixes which were now appearing on UK Apple first pressings and were added at the initial mastering stage in 1973. Also appearing on the run out of side one is an hand etched DR W-R-T-G, which I can only assume somehow relates to John’s moniker Dr Winston O’Boogie. The record plays through beautifully, just the odd spot of very feint crackle occasionally.

The sleeve is in very good condition, it does have some minor corner rubbing and a little feathering at the opening, but no writing or rips and all the text, including the pinched/tapered spine, is fully legible. The inner sleeve is also in very good condition, just the odd feint mark which hardly shows in the pictures. Something to look out for on a first press copy is the inner – this inner is made from softly textured cardboard and three of the corners are finished at a 45 degree angle, only the bottom left corner as you look at side one’s lyrics was squared off.

Estimated Value : £20


MFP Copy

The pictures below are of my Music For Pleasure (EMI’s budget label) copy which was released in the UK on 28 November 1980. It has the matrix numbers YEX 927-3 and YEX 928-3  and stampers  2 24 on side one and 1 G on side two. The record plays well throughout though I heard a couple of ticks on the track Mind Games and there is some feint crackle which, apart from on the end of Intuition and the beginning of Out The Blue, can only really be heard between tracks. The sleeve is in excellent condition, just some very minor ringwear, whilst the inner – a standard EMI inner for this release – is in great shape

Estimated Value : £5



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