Past Masters Volumes One & Two LP


UK Release Date 10 November 1988
UK Catalogue Number Parlophone BPM 1
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 3 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 31
Lowest Matrix Numbers BPM BTM 11 A-1-1-1 / BPM BTM 11 B-1-1-1 / BPM BTM 12 A-1-1-1 / BPM BTM 12 B-1-1-1


I might be wrong but I believe that the Past Masters albums were released on CD in March 1988 but the vinyl version here didn’t come out until November 1988. These 2 albums of both A and B sides of singles, EP tracks and oddities are the black and white albums as opposed to the more commercial red and blue albums and, in my opinion, are a whole lot better.

I have 3 versions of Past Masters, the one pictured below and two in the stereo and mono boxsets. Mine appear to be first press albums in a second press sleeve (the back of the sleeve as an Apple logo in the bottom right hand corner, first presses don’t). The matrix numbers are BPM BTM 11 A-1-1-1-2/BPM BTM 11 B-1-1-1/BPM BTM 12 A-1-1-1/BPM BTM 12 B-1-1-1, the crossed out BTM matrix being exclusive to a first press. The sleeve is in excellent condition as are the records themselves that play great all the way through. The albums are housed in white lined inners.

Estimated Value : £25 – £30

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