Please Please Me / Ask Me Why 7″ Single


UK Release Date 11 January 1963
UK Catalogue Number Parlophone R 4983
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 22 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 2
Lowest Matrix Numbers 7XCE 17217-1N / 7XCE 17218-1N


Released in January 1963 this was, or maybe wasn’t, The Beatles first number 1. There were a variety of music charts around at this time and Please Please Me made number 1 in every one of then except for “Record Retailer” which was the record trade’s own publication and therefore the chart they accepted. The public still preferred the NME chart which Please Please Me did make number one in. I have 6 copies on 7″ single, the 4 listed below and 2 more in singles box sets.

First Press Red Label

Very first presses were on the red label as EMI’s switch to the more common black label didn’t come until just after Please Please Me was released. Because of this red label issues are very rare. Mine has the matrix numbers 7XCE 17217-1N and 7XCE 17218-1N and a MPT tax code. Although it has a lot of light marks on it I’d rate is as very good condition, playing through with some light, but unobtrusive, crackle but no sticks, skips or jumps. The sleeve would also rate as very good, some ring wear and writing on it.

Estimated Value : £75 – £100

 Second Press

Pressed prior to March 1963 you can tell it’s a second press as the catalogue number at 3 o’clock is shown as 45-R 4893. From March 1963 EMI dropped the 45 prefix so third presses onwards would just show as R 4893. The matrix numbers are 7XCE 17217-1N and 7XCE 17218-1N and it has an MPT tax code. Both the record and the sleeve are in very good condition, the record playing through with the odd bit of feint crackle and some feint ticks on side 2. No sticks, skips or jumps.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10

Fifth Press (Green Sleeve)

In March 1976 all the Beatles singles were re released in new picture sleeves. I believe there is no difference at all in any of these pressings but, for the record, mine has the matrix numbers  7XCE 17217-3 and 7XCE 17218-2. Both the record, just some odd very feint crackle, and the sleeve, some minor ring wear, are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £5

Picture Disc

Released on 10 January 1983 as part of the It Was Twenty Years Ago Today series. Being a picture disc I have never played it but it appears to be in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £10


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