Rarities LP


UK Release Date 12 October 1979
UK Catalogue Number Parlophone PCM 1001
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 1
Peak UK Chart Position 71
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 991-1 / YEX 992-2


Initially the Rarities album was included only with The Beatles Collection box set released in December 1978 but, within a year, got it’s own release. Some could say EMI were cashing in after die hard fans had bought the full box set just to get the Rarities albums though it could be argued they were doing fans a favour as record dealers were selling the albums from the box sets seperately just to make a huge profit on Rarities.

First press copies from the box set have Sampler Album Not For Sale in the top left hand corner of the sleeve and have catalogue number PSLP 261. My copy is a first press of the seperate release with catalogue number PCM 1001 and matrix numbers SPSLP 261 A-1 YEX 991-1 and SPSLP 261 B-2 YEX 992-2. You’ll see that  at around 11 o’clock in the perimeter text it reads UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE, BROADCASTING, COPYING AND HIRING OF THIS RECORD IS PROHIBITED. Second presses have the wording UNAUTHORISED COPYIN, HIRING, RENTING, PUBLIC PERFORMANCE AND BROADCASTING OF THIS RECORD PROHIBITED.

The sleeve is in very good condition, some ringwear and scuffing, whilst the record is in excellent condition. There is some minor crackle here and there and a few ticks right at the start of side one but no skips, sticks or jumps. It comes with a white EMI inner.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15


I also have a Canadian copy of the US release of rarities which differs from the UK version. A lot of the tracks on the UK version were already available on US albums so Capitol put together an album of tracks they considered rare in the US – see the pictures of both for track listings. The catalogue number of this LP is SHAL 12060 and the matrix numbers are SHAL-1-12060-G and SHAL-2-12060-G.

The thick cardboard gatefold sleeve and the picture inner are both in excellent condition. The record itself plays great all the way through, maybe a spot of feint crackle here and there.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15

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