Starr Struck : Best Of Ringo Starr Vol 2 LP


UK Release Date No UK Release
UK Catalogue Number
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed To Chart
Peak UK Chart Position
Lowest Matrix Numbers


This second “Best Of” from Ringo did not receive a UK release and was, infact, released in the US only, on 24 February 1989, where it failed to chart.

It covers the period from 1976 (Ringo’s Rotogravure) to 1983 (Old Wave), featuring tracks from Old Wave that had never previously seen a US release. The CD version features four more tracks than the vinyl LP version.

The front cover features a picture of Ringo with what looks like electricity around his head. This picture was originally going to be used for the Stop And Smell The Roses album which was originally going to be called Can’t Fight Lightning!

Details of my copy are shown below

US First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy which has the matrix numbers RIG-70135A-1 and RIIG-70135B. It also has Q ⌂ 23945, kdiscKP, 1-1 and S-21306 etched into side one and Q ⌂ 23945-X, kdiscKP, 1-1 and S-21305 etched into side two. Visually the record looks to be in fantastic shape apart from a couple of small marks on side two that do not affect play at all – it plays through just about perfectly. The sleeve too is in fantastic condition, hardly any signs of wear and tear at all. The inner is just a see through shaped polythene type which, although a little creased, has no splits .

Estimated Value : £20 – £25


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