The Beatles 1962-1966 (Red Album) LP


UK Release Date 19 April 1973
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCSP 717
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 206 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 3
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 905-1 / YEX 906-1 / YEX 907-1 / YEX 908-1


I have 4 copies of 1962-1966 on vinyl, a first press copy, a red vinyl copy, a remastered red vinyl copy and a 2014 re-mastered copy. It’s said that the red colour represents Liverpool FC, whilst the blue is for Everton FC.

First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy that was released on 19 April 1973. Although the catalogue number is PCSP 717 you’ll see that the discs themselves are numbered PCS 7171 and PCS 7172. The matrix numbers are YEX 905-1, YEX 906-1, YEX 907-3 and YEX 908-1. Second presses from 1978 onwards have matrix numbers in the 3s, 4s and 5s. Also on a first press the apple on the labels is on a dark red background, this was a lighter shade of red on later presses. More tell-tale signs of a first press are the sleeve and the inner sleeves. The sleeve itself doesn’t mention George Martin as the producer on the inside, later copies do, whilst the inner sleeves on a first copy have the 2 top corners cut off and straight bottoms, second pressings have 4 rounded corners whilst third pressings onwards have no cut corners.

Both the sleeve and inner sleeves on my copy are in excellent condition, maybe some slight ringwear on the inners (see pictures). The records themselves are visually excellent and play all the way through perfectly.

Estimated Value : £15 – £20

Red Vinyl

The second pressings of the album also featured a red vinyl version which was released on 2 December 1978 and below are pictures of my copy. This has the catalogue number PCSPR 717 though, again, the discs themselves are numbered PCS 7171 and PCS 7172. The matrix numbers are YEX 905-3, YEX 906-4, YEX 907-3 and YEX 908-3. This time the inside of the sleeve mentions George Martin as the producer and the inner sleeves have four rounded corners.

The sleeve is in very good condition, just a little ringwear, and the inner sleeves would probably rate the same though one of them does have a small split at the bottom. Being coloured vinyl I have not played them though visually they are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £25 – £30


Remastered Red Vinyl

The pictures below are of my digitally re-mastered red vinyl copy released on 14 February 1994 which EMI printed only 20,000 copies of then immediately deleted (the original red vinyl copies were released 0n 2 December 1978). This has the catalogue number PCSPP 717 though, this time, the discs themselves are numbered PCSPP 7171 and PCSPP 7172. The matrix numbers are Side One: PCSPP 7171 A-01-01-2, Side Two: PCSPP 7171 B-01-01-2, Side Three: PCSPP 7172 A-01-01-1, Side Four: 7172 B-01-01-1. It came complete with an inner sheet with some photos on.

The sleeve, inner sleeves and picture inner are in perfect condition as can be seen in the pics. Being coloured vinyl I’ve never played the records themselves but visually they appear to be in immaculate condition.

Estimated Value : £25 – £30


2014 Re-master

The pictures below are of my 2014 re-master which was released on 24 November 2014 on 180g vinyl. Both the sleeve and the inners are incredibly glossy and it comes with an equally glossy info sheet. At the time of writing it is barely 2 months old and has only been played once so obviously everything is in immaculate condition

Estimated Value : £25


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