The Beatles – 1962 Live Recordings Box Set

Released on 2 November 1988 this is a rare limited edition (3000 copies) unofficial release on the Baktabak label, catalogue number Taboks 1001. There are fifteen 7″ singles from the Star Club tapes each in a black and white sleeve with an early picture of The Beatles on one side and details of the recordings on the other. Each record is individually numbered from STAB 2001 to STAB 2015 and the labels have the two songs the record contains on one side and the same group picture as the sleeve on the other. Also included are copies of a 1962 postcard, a 1962 Star Club concert poster with a picture of a pennant on the other side and a March 1964 fan club newsletter. It all comes in a neat black box that has silver writing on and a removable contents sticker on the back and a track listing, with the limited edition number, on the inside lid.

You’ll see from the pictures below that my copy, numbered 0961, is in excellent condition. There is a small crease on the front of the box, bottom right, and a small mark on the top. Also the removable sticker on the back is coming away ever so slightly. I have not played the actual records but visually they all appear to be in mint condition.

At the time of writing, Jan 2016, there are three for sale on eBay, two at £400 and one at £380, but I think a more realistic valuation might be from Discogs where there are four for sale ranging from £98 to £136.

Estimated Value : £100 – £140


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