The Beatles Collection

Released on 2 December 1978 this box set gathered together all 12 of The Beatles original studio albums plus an album of rarities and a poster (which was of the four White Album pictures). There were exactly 200 tracks overall in the box set with only one of them, Yellow Submarine, being duplicated. The Rarities album was originally stated to be exclusive to this box set but within a year had it’s own release.

I was given the box only by a record shop owner in Nottingham who probably made a quick buck selling the albums seperately and the then exclusive Rarities album at a vastly inflated price. You’ll see from the pictures below that it’s not in too bad a condition, just the one side where it’s come away.

A few have been sold on eBay so I’ve done a rough valuation based on the condition of those

Estimated Value : £15 – £20



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