The Beatles Singles Collection 1962 – 1970

In February 1976 The Beatles 9 year contract with EMI, signed back in 1967, came to an end. EMI had retained the right to reissue anything they wanted from the back catalogue which they immediately launched into on 8 March 1976 by releasing 23 singles – the original 22 UK singles plus Yesterday which hadn’t been released as a single in the UK before. The original 22 singles had the same green front cover but the rears had 4 different pictures depicting different stages of The Beatles career. Yesterday too had the same green front but a different picture on the rear.

Amazingly all 23 singles charted and in the charts for Sunday 4 April all were in together – see positions below

10 Yesterday
45 Hey Jude
46 Paperback Writer
53 Strawberry Fields Forever
55 Get Back
59 She Loves You
61 Help!
62 Love Me Do
63 Eleanor Rigby
64 Let It Be
66 A Hard Days Night
68 Can’t Buy Me Love
69 I Want To Hold Your Hand
71 All You Need Is Love
72 From Me To You
74 Hello Goodbye
75 Please Please Me
76 Lady Madonna
79 Day Tripper
81 I Feel Fine
83 Ticket To Ride
84 Something
88 The Ballad of John and Yoko

Although it wasn’t initially intended as a box set, record shops were given boxes to display the 23 records in. This meant, as a lot of fans were buying all 23 singles,  they got the box too. An official box set was released soon after through World Records Ltd, EMI’s mail order division, which I have and have put pictures below. Included with my box set are the World Records Guarantee certificate, a green 4 page booklet and 2 World Records advertising booklets. The box itself is in very good to excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures whilst the singles themselves, both covers and vinyl, would rate as excellent.

Estimated Value : £75 – £100


  • Susan Stewart says:

    I have these in pristine condition with no box but covering leaflet do you have any interest in buying them

    • Newspapertaxi says:

      Hi Susan

      Thanks for the offer but I already have all these green cover singles twice – once in this box set and once seperately.

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