The John Lennon Collection CD


Initial UK Release Date 23 October 1989
Initial UK Catalogue Number Parlophone CD EMTV37
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 54 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (For 6 weeks)


The John Lennon Collection was originally released on 1 November 1982 in the UK and 8 November 1982 in the US . I don’t know why but the US copy had 2 fewer tracks than the UK copy, those being Happy Xmas (War Is Over) and Stand By Me. It was originally intended to be released in late 1981 but the fact that EMI owned half the tracks and Geffen the other half meant that it was delayed whilst the legalities were sorted out. Despite the delay it was a massive seller on both sides of the pond – it had sold a million copies in the UK alone by it’s third week of release.

It received it’s initial official release on CD in the UK on 23 October 1989 on the Parlophone label under catalogue number CD EMTV37 (international catalogue number CDP 7915162). It had been remastered and included two extra tracks – Move Over Ms L, which prior to this was the only John Lennon track not available on any UK album, and Cold Turkey, which was John’s only UK  hit single not included on the original album. It was not released in the US until 29 January 1990 and the CD there not only included the two bonus tracks mentioned above but also Happy Xmas (War Is Over) and Stand By Me which, even though they were on the original UK version, had not been on the original US album.

There were no major re releases on CD after it’s initial release.

The pictures below are of my copy. You may be able to make out that it says “Made In The UK” at 9 o’clock on the CD. The case (usual slight storage marks), 12 page insert and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5



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