Traveling Wilburys Vol 3 CD


Initial UK Release Date 29 October 1990
Initial UK Catalogue Number Wilbury Records 7599-26324-2
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 9
Peak UK Chart Position 14


Released on 29 October 1990 in the UK and in the US, The Traveling Wilburys Vol 3 peaked at number 14 in the UK charts during it’s nine week stay whilst in the US it managed to climb to number 11. There was no Traveling Wilburys Vol 2, apart from a bootleg – according to Jeff Lynne George wanted to call it Vol 3 to “confuse the buggers”.

Sadly, by this time the Wilburys were down to four members following the death of Roy Orbison on 6 December 1988 and this album is dedicated to Lefty Wilbury.

Recording took place between March and May 1990 at the “Wilbury Mountain Studio”, Bel Air, Los Angeles with mixing and overdubs done in July 1990 at George’s home studio and, like Vol 1, all the songs on the album are credited as simply being written by the Traveling Wilburys. As well as the eleven songs on the album two further songs were recorded – Nobody’s Child which was released as a charity single in aid of the Romanian Angel Appeal and Runaway that appeared on the B side of the 12″ single and CD versions of the She’s My Baby single.

Again the real names of each member do not appear anywhere on the release though each used a new pseudonym. George was now Spike Wilbury, Bob Dylan was Boo Wilbury, Jeff Lynne was Clayton Wilbury and Tom Petty was Muddy Wilbury. The liner notes on the inner sleeve were again written by a member of Monty Python, this time Eric Idle under the pseudonym Tiny Hampton.

The initial UK/Europe and US CD releases are both on Wilbury Records and were released on the same date as their vinyl counterparts. Like the initial release of Vol 1 the UK release was again made in Germany.

The next major UK outing, not counting the Traveling Wilburys Collection release, was in June 2008 when the remastered version was released. It was a UK/Europe release on Rhino Records with two bonus tracks – Nobody’s Child and Runaway. I believe the US got this release a year earlier, again on Rhino Records.

Finally, in October 2016, a further UK/European remastered version was released, this time on the Concord Bicycle label. I’d imagine the US also received this release.

I have 3 copies of Vol 3 on CD, the one shown below and another two in my two Traveling Wilburys Collection sets.

Original UK Release

The pictures below are of my original 1988 release. The case (usual light storage marks), insert and CD are all in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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