Wonsaponatime CD


Initial UK Release Date 3 November 1998
Initial UK Catalogue Number Capitol 497 6392
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 1
Peak UK Chart Position 76


Released on 3 November 1998 in both the UK and the US, this is a highlights package of the John Lennon Anthology box set released on the same day though half of the tracks have been edited down from their Anthology versions. The UK CD release was a UK/Europe affair on Capitol records with UK catalogue number 497 6392 and international catalogue number 7243 4 97639 2 0 whilst the US CD release was also on Capitol with catalogue number CDP 7243 4 97639 2 0. It came with a booklet containing an introduction from Yoko and the lyrics to the Lennon composed tracks on the CD (3 of the tracks weren’t composed by him). It spent only one week in the UK charts at number 76 and failed to chart at all in the US. There were no further releases after the original one.

The pictures below are of my UK copy. The digipak case, 15 page insert (still attached to the digipak) and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5



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