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Ringo’s first self produced album (along with Bruce Sugar) was released on 12 January 2010 in both the UK and the US. It again failed to register in the UK charts though did manage to reach number 58 in the US during a brief two week stay. It appeared on Hip-O Records in the US, which was the only country to get a vinyl release, and Universal Music Group everywhere else, which was CD only.

It was recorded in 2009 at the Roccabella Sudios in both LA and London and, as per usual, featured many guest artists, several of whom co wrote the songs with Ringo. Paul McCartney appears on two tracks – he plays bass on Peace Dream and adds some marvelous backing vocals on Walk With You. Others contributing include Joe Walsh, who co wrote Fill In The Blanks, Dave Stewart, who co wrote The Other Side Of Liverpool and Time, Richard Marx, who co wrote Mystery Of The Night, Edgar Winter, Billy Squire and Joss Stone, who co wrote and performs a duet with Ringo on the final track Who’s Your Daddy.

Details of my copy are shown below

US Press

The pictures below are of my US press that has the matrix numbers B001379201-A ② and B001379201-B-1 ③. The record has a couple of very light scuffs but plays through perfectly. Both the outer and inner sleeve are also in perfect condition. It came with a protective re sealable polythene sleeve which has a large “Limited Edition” sticker attached to it – this too is in great condition.

Estimated Value : £25 – £30


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