Yellow Submarine Songtrack LP


UK Release Date 13 September 1999
UK Catalogue Number Apple 5214811
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 7 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 8


Released in September 1999 to coincide with the re release of the film. Unlike the original Yellow Submarine album this one does away with George Martin’s orchestral music and brings in all but one of the tracks that were in the film, A Day In The Life being the only one not here, giving them a fantastic remix to boot (check out All You Need Is Love).

I have 2 copies on vinyl, the standard version and one pressed on yellow vinyl.

Standard Version

The matrix numbers on this are 5214811 A-1-1- and 5214811 B-1-1-. The laminated gatefold sleeve is in excellent as is the record itself which plays beautifully throughout. It comes with a plain white inner sleeve.

Estimated Value : £20


Yellow Vinyl

The matrix numbers on this are 5214811 A-1-1-1 and 5214811 B-1-1-1 (note the extra 1 at the end of each matrix number compared to the above version). The gatefold sleeve is in excellent, still having the yellow sticker top left. Whilst being laminated it is nowhere near as glossy as the sleeve above. Being coloured vinyl I have never played the record itself but it appears to be in excellent condition. It comes with a plain white lined inner sleeve.

Estimated Value : £50


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