#9 Dream / What You Got 7″ Single


UK Release Date 31 January 1975
UK Catalogue Number Apple R 6003
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 8
Peak UK Chart Position 23
Lowest Matrix Numbers 7YCE 21758-1U / 7YCE 21759-1U


Released on 31 January 1975 in the UK and over six weeks earlier on 16 December 1974 in the US, #9 Dream spent eight weeks in the UK charts though only managed to reach number 23 whilst it managed to reach, ironically, number 9 US charts. John has said that the “Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé” melody came to him in a dream and afterwards he just sat down and “churned it out”. Despite this comment it was actually one of his favourites among his own compositions.

As anyone who knows anything about John knows the number 9 was a big thing for him – he was born on the 9th, his son Sean was born on the 9th, Revolution 9, The Dakota building where he lived and was shot is on 72nd Street (7+2), the Roosevelt Hospital where he was rushed to is on 9th Avenue, he was pronounced dead at 11:07 (1+1+7), the date might have been the 8th but that was in the US, in his homeland the date was the 9th! These are just the main points, there are hundreds more when you start adding letters and years up etc.

Details of the two different copies I own are below

First Press

The pictures below are of my push out centre first press which has the matrix numbers 7YCE 21758-1U and 7YCE 21759-1U. Notice that under the title at 6 o’clock on the label it says “From the LP Walls and Bridges – PCTC 253”. On the B side this statement can be found at around 4 o’clock on the label. The record is in very good condition, playing through with the odd bit of light crackle and a couple of light ticks. Like John’s last single it was not issued in a picture sleeve – mine is in an Apple sleeve which is showing it’s age.

Estimated Value : £5


Later Press

The pictures below are of my push out centre later press which has the matrix numbers 7YCE 21758-3 and 7YCE 21759-1U. Notice now that the statement “From the LP Walls and Bridges – PCTC 253”. is at 4 o’clock on the label on both sides. The record is in excellent condition, playing through with no problems whatsoever, and is housed in a plain black sleeve.

Estimated Value : £5



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