Baby It’s You / I’ll Follow The Sun / Devil In Her Heart / Boys 7″ Single


UK Release Date 20 March 1995
UK Catalogue Number Apple R 6406
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 14 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 7
Lowest Matrix Numbers 8820737 A-1-1 / 8820737 BA-1-1


Released on 20 March 1995 to promote the Live At The BBC album this reached a healthy number 7 in the UK charts. Having 4 tracks it would have been classed as an EP back in the sixties but, now that CD singles were upon us with their larger capacity, it has been given a catalogue number (R6406) that shows EMI classed it as a single. I have the 2 copies shown below.

First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy, though to be fair there was only the one press, with the matrix numbers 8820737 A-1-1 and 8820737 BA -1-1. Both the record and the sleeve are in excellent condition. Also with it is a 36 page glossy book called Baby It’s You, A Visual Record which is also in excellent condition.

Estimated value : £10 – £15


Picture Disc

The Pictures below are of my quite rare picture disc which comes with a plain white backing card. Being a picture disc I have never played it but it appears to be in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £45 – £50


UK Jukebox Press

The pictures below are of my copy that was pressed for UK jukeboxes and has the matrix numbers 8820737 A-02-1- RLH6406 A-2-1-Q1 on side one and 8820737 B-02-1- RLH 6406 B-2-1-Q1 on side 2. It has black moulded labels and was issued without a picture sleeve. It is in very good condition playing with just some feint, hardly noticable, crackle here and there.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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