Back Upon Us All….. Bootleg LP

Or to give it it’s full title – Back Upon Us All, A Collection, Fourth Amendment.

This was the first bootleg I ever bought back in the late 70’s. I was at a record fair in Nottingham and a bloke, oddly enough just called “Scruff”, was walking around with a bag of records that turned out to be various bootlegs. He didn’t have any Beatles ones left but had a list of those he had, with prices, at home in London and said he’d send any I wanted. I later risked it and sent him £10 for this one which, to my amazement, duly arrived.

It’s mainly tracks from 1964 and 1969 which are actually of good quality. I think my favourite one is the first walk through of Let It Be on side 2.

The cover is just plain white card and comes with a picture sheet of a Beatles lunchbox. The labels are just plain yellow with no info on them except for “Side One” and “Side Two”. It has the matrix numbers(?) ZAP 7864-A and ZAP 7864-B. My copy still has the cellophane over the cover holding the picture in and both cover and record are in excellent condition, just some very minor crackle here and there on the record.

Estimated Value : £20



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