Bad Boy CD


Initial UK Release Date No Official UK CD Release
Initial UK Catalogue Number
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed To Chart
Peak UK Chart Position


Bad Boy was originally released in the UK on 21 April 1978 where, like his two previous albums, it failed to chart. The US had to wait a couple of months before it was released on 16 June 1978 where it only reached number 129 during a six week stay. After three poor showings Ringo was dropped from his contract with Polydor in the UK.

The album was recorded at Elite Recording Studios in The Bahamas and Can-Base Studios in Vancouver, Canada in only ten days of sessions between November and December 1977. Again there were no superstar names to help Ringo along, Dr John and Lon Van Eaton perhaps the best known. Also worth noting is that Ringo only had a hand in writing two tracks on the album – Who Needs A Heart and Old Time Relovin’ – both written with Vini Poncia.

There has been no official release of Bad Boy on CD in the UK though in the US it was released on 26 March 1991 on the Epic label under catalogue number EK 35378.

As I concentrate on UK released material I do not have a copy though would happily snap up a US release should I come across one cheaply.

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