Best Of Dark Horse 1976 – 1989 LP


UK Release Date 23 October 1989
UK Catalogue Number Dark Horse WX 312
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position
Lowest Matrix Numbers R/S Alsdorf 759 925726-1-A / R/S Alsdorf 759 925726-1-B2


Released on 23 October 1989 in the UK and 17 October 1989 in the US, this second compilation from George, featuring tracks from his recordings on his Dark Horse label, failed to chart in the UK and only managed to reach number 132 in the US. This is quite surprising considering his Cloud Nine album and singles and the first Traveling Wilburys album and singles had done so well over the previous two years.

Unlike his previous compilation, George was heavily involved with this project and decided to omit some chart singles in favour of album tracks. He also chose to include the excellent Cheer Down, which he’d contributed to the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack, and two new tracks, Poor Little Girl and Cockamamie Business, that he’d recorded in July 1989 at his home studios at Friar Park. The CD release included one extra track – Gone Troppo.

The cover features a photo of George taken by English photographer Terry O’Neil with a close up of his eye on the rear. The inner sleeve has the lyrics on one side and a Dark Horse design on the other with the credits etc going around it – similar to John’s Imagine inner sleeve.

My copy is shown below

UK First Press

By this time CD was becoming the dominant format and all UK Warner/WEA records were being pressed in Germany to UK specifications so to be sure you have a UK release look out for the following :

UK: WX 312 appears below the barcode on the back of the cover, top right (see picture below)

UK: WX 312 appears on the Dark Horse side of the inner sleeve, top right (see picture below)

WX 312 appears at 6 o’clock on both side 1 and side 2 labels (see pictures below)

The details on the spine of the cover are also replicated on the top edge of the cover

The pictures below are of my first press copy which has the matrix numbers R/S Alsdorf 759 925726-1-A and R/S Alsdorf 759 925726-1-B2 on side 2. Visually the record looks in excellent condition, hardly a sleeve removal mark to be seen, and it plays through immacultely – no background noise at all. The sleeve is in very good to excellent condition, just the lightest touch of ringwear, some creasing and some light shelfwear on the corners and spine. The inner sleeve is in very good condition, it has a couple of small splits (2cm and 3cm) on either side and just the lightest touch of ringwear.

Estimated Value : £10 – £20



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