Brainwashed CD


Initial UK Release Date 19 November 2002
Initial UK Catalogue Number Digipak – Dark Horse/Parlophone 543 2462

Box Set – Dark Horse/Parlophone 543 7470

Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 9
Peak UK Chart Position 29


Released on 19 November 2002 in the UK and 18 November 2002 in the US, George’s final studio album, released one year after his death, had a nine week stay in the UK charts peaking at number 29 whilst in the US it managed to reach number 18.

The album was recorded at George’s home studios at Friar Park off and on between 1997 and 2002. During this time George was treated for throat cancer (1997), was attacked and nearly killed in his home (December 1999) and was treated for lung cancer (2001) that would spread to his brain and lead to his death on 29 November 2001. Although George died before the album was completed he had left full instructions of what was required, including the album artwork, with his son, Dhani, and Jeff Lynne who duly added the final touches to George’s work to complete it. Other musicians who appear on the album include Jim Keltner, Joe Brown, Jon Lord, Herbie Flowers and Jools Holland.

In the UK you could purchase it on CD in the standard digipak version on Dark Horse/Parlophone, UK catalogue number 543 2462 and international catalogue number 7243 5 43246 2 8, or in a special edition box set, again on Dark Horse/Parlophone with UK catalogue number 543 7470 and international catalogue number 7243 5 43737 0 8. The digipak came in a gatefold sleeve and contained a 16 page booklet of lyrics and photos. Following the success of the Any Road single in May 2003 this was repackaged with a cardboard slipcase around the digipak featuring the same photo as the single. The boxset contained the digipak CD, a DVD of the making of the album, a 21″ x 14″ double sided poster and a sticker (all shown below).

In the US the CD releases were on Dark Horse/Capitol and were again in a digipak version, catalogue number CDP 7243 5 41969 2 8 and a boxset version, catalogue number CDP 7243 5 43352 0 4 plus there was also a short run in a longbox format, catalogue number CDP 7243 5 43352 0 4 1. The US box sets had the same contents as the UK sets but also included a guitar pick with George’s signature on it.

I have 2 copies on CD as shown below

UK Box Set

My UK box set is shown below. You’ll see that the clamshell box, digipak CD, DVD, poster and sticker are all in more than excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15


May 2003 Repackaged Release

The pictures below are of my repackaged release which really is just the original digipak release in a slip case. The slip case, digipak 16 page insert and CD are all in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £5


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