Cheer Down / Poor Little Girl / Crackerbox Palace CD Single


Initial UK Release Date 27 November 1989
Initial UK Catalogue Number Dark Horse W 2696 CD
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position


Cheer Down was released in the UK on 27 November 1989 to help promote the Best Of Dark Horse album that had been released the previous month. Unfortunately neither the album nor this single charted in the UK. In the US it was released three months earlier on 22 August 1989, possibly to coincide with the release of the film Lethal Weapon 2 that appeared in the cinema in July 1989 and on which Cheer Down appears over the closing credits. The US version, which had That’s What It Takes from Cloud Nine on the B side of the 7″ single, also failed to chart.

Initial recording of the track took place during the Cloud Nine sessions in 1987 then finished in March 1989 when Eric Clapton, who’d initially been offered the track for his Journeyman album, decided to put it on the Lethal Weapon 2 soundtrack he was working on. Although the track was co written with Tom Petty he does not appear on the recording, though Jeff Lynne and Deep Purple’s Ian Paice do.

It would be George’s last single as a solo artist in his lifetime.

This CD version was issued in the UK/Europe on the same day as the 7″ and 12″ singles and features the same two tracks as the 7″ single, Cheer Down and Poor Little Girl, plus, like the 12″ single, adds Crackerbox Palace. It is a 3″ CD, catalogue number W 2696 CD, and comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve. The inside of the sleeve, unlike the 7″ single, does get the album title correct. Although Warner Bros issued a one track promo CD in the US in 1989, catalogue number PRO-CD-3647, there was no official release on CD single.

My Copy is shown below. As you’ll see both the case and the CD were made in Germany and both are in excellent condition. It comes in a WEA plastic protective cover which is also in excellent condition.

Details of my 7″ single can be found here and my 12″ single can be found here.

Estimated Value : £15 – £20



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