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Initial UK Release Date 10 December 1996
Initial UK Catalogue Number Apple CDZAPPLE 02
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position


Originally released on 9 May 1969 in the UK and 26 May 1969 in the US, this was the second, and last, album to appear on the Zapple label – John’s Unfinished Music No 2, Life With The Lions was the other. It didn’t trouble the UK charts and only managed to make number 191 in the US.

The album is made up of just two tracks, Under The Mersey Wall and No Time Or Space, each taking up one side of the album. No Time Or Space was the first to be recorded in November 1968 with American musician Bernie Krause. According to Krause the whole track is just a 25 minute edit of a demonstration of the moog he gave to George. Krause also claimed that the track was recorded and released without his knowledge and insisted his name be removed from the cover (“Assisted by Bernie Krause” originally appeared where you can now see a silver streak under “Produced By George Harrison”). Under The Mersey Wall was recorded in February 1969 at George’s home and is basically him playing around with his newly bought moog then dubbing one recorded track over another.

One odd thing that happened with this album is that the American version placed the tracks on opposite sides to the UK record, but with the same titles retained on the labels causing some confusion as to which track is which (the UK version was correct). This mistake was corrected on the CD releases.

It received it’s initial official release on CD in the UK on 10 December 1996 when it was released on the Apple label under UK catalogue number CDZAPPLE 01 with international catalogue number 7243 8 55239 2 2. I assume the initial US CD release was around the same time. This release contained the same tracks as the original album and was digitally remastered from the original two-track stereo master mix tapes by Ron Furmanek at Abbey Road Studios.

On 22 September 2014 in the UK and 23 September 2014 in the US a new remastered version of the album was released along with all of George’s other Apple albums. Both releases carry the catalogue number 0602537913961. This version contained the same tracks as the original album and CD releases. It could either be bought seperately or as part of the Apple Years 1968-1975 box set.

I have 2 copies of the album on CD, the one shown below and one in the Apple Years box set.

Original 1996 Release

The pictures below are of my original 1996 copy. The case (usual slight storage marks) and disc are in excellent condition as is the included 4 page insert.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10



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