Traveling Wilburys

The birth of The Traveling Wilburys came about in April 1988 when George, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison wrote and recorded Handle With Care at Bob Dylan’s home studio over a period of just five hours with the intention of it being the B side to George’s next single This Is Love. George’s record company, Warner Bros, deemed the track too good to be tucked away on a B side so, as all five had enjoyed the experience so much, they decided to record a full album using Handle With Care as the lead single and opening track for the album.

The name came about during the making of George’s Cloud Nine album when, if any small errors were made, they were refered to as Wilburys as George or Jeff would agree that “we’ll bury them in the mix”. Initially George suggested the band be called the Trembling Wilburys but later Jeff came up with Traveling Wilburys which all the band agreed upon.

I’ve listed my Traveling Wilburys collection below – click on any picture and it’ll take you to the post containing details of that item and an estimated value. If you think anything is wrong or I’ve over or under estimated the values please add a reply at the bottom of the post.

Vinyl LPs

Traveling Wilburys Vol 1     

7″ Singles

Handle With Care 7" Single       She's My Baby 7" Single   Wilbury Twist   Handle With Care 2007 7" Single

10″ Single

Handle With Care 10" Single

12″ Singles

Handle With Care 7" Single   End Of The Line 12" Single     She's My Baby 7" Single   Wilbury Twist

CD Albums

Traveling Wilburys Vol 1    

CD Singles

        She's My Baby 7" Single   Wilbury Twist



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