Gimme Some Truth – CD Box Set


Initial UK Release Date 4 October 2010
Initial UK Catalogue Number EMI 5099990664229
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position


This four CD, 72 tracks box set was released on 4 October 2010 as part of the “Gimme Some Truth” campaign to celebrate what would have been John’s 70th birthday. All the tracks have been digitally remastered from the original recordings and each disc has it’s own theme and is individually titled – Working Class Hero ( John’s socio-political songs), Woman (John’s Love Songs), Borrowed Time (John’s songs about life) and Roots (John’s rock ‘n’ roll roots and influences). I’ve taken the descriptions in brackets from and, looking through the track listing for each disc, am not sure all apply, ie are Mother and My Mummy’s Dead really love songs and why is Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox), a love song for May Pang, on the Borrowed Time disc and not on the Woman disc?

Both the UK and the US releases were on EMI/Capitol and both had barcode number 5099990664229. Each disc has it’s own cardboard sleeve and they are housed in a sturdy glossy slipcase together with a 24 page glossy booklet and a card which gave access to “exclusive John Lennon Online Universe”. It failed to chart in the UK whilst in the US it managed to reach number 196.

The pictures below are of my UK copy. The outer slipcase, individual sleeves, 24 page booklet, download card and discs are in more than excellent condition. I also still have the backing sheet detailing each disc.

Estimated Value : £15 – £20



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