Lennon 7″ Singles

Click on any picture and it’ll take you to the post containing details of the single(s) I own.

I’ve given details of each one and an estimated value. If you think anything is wrong or I’ve over or under estimated the values please add a reply at the bottom of the post


Give Peace A Chance Single First Press Cover Front   Cold Turkey Single Front   Instant Karma Menu   Power To The People Single Menu   Happy Xmas Menu   Mind Games Single Menu   Whatever Gets You Single A Side   No 9 Dream Single Later A Side   Stand By Me Single First A Side   Imagine Single   Starting Over Single   Woman Single   28 November 1974 Single   Watching The Wheels Single   Love Single   Nobody Told Me Menu   Borrowed Time Menu   Give Peace A Chance Golden 45 Single Menu   I'm Stepping Out Single Menu   Every Man Has A Woman Single Menu   Jealous Guy Single Menu   Imagine 80s Single Menu   Starting Over CEMA Single Menu      Happy Xmas Imagine Single Menu   John Lennon Singles Bag Menu

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