Lennon Vinyl LPs

Click on any cover and it’ll take you to the post containing details of the LP(s) I own.

I’ve stated what press each LP is and given them an estimated value. If you think anything is wrong or i’ve over or under estimated the values please add a reply at the bottom of the post


Two Virgins US Menu   Life With The Lions LP Front   Wedding Album Box Front   Live Peace In Toronto Menu   Plastic Ono Band Menu   Imagine Menu   Some Time In New York City Menu   Mind Games Menu   Walls And Bridges Menu   Rock n Roll Menu   Shaved Fish Menu   Double Fantasy Menu   JLB8 Box Set Front   The Last Word Picture Disc Cover Front   The John Lennon Collection Menu   Heart Play Menu   Milk And Honey Menu   Reflections And Poetry Menu   Every Man Has A Woman Menu   Live In New York City Menu   Menlove Ave Menu   Imagine Motion Picture Menu   Lennon Legend Menu   Wonsaponatime Menu   Signature Box Menu

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