Lennon Legend CD


Initial UK Release Date 27 October 1997
Initial UK Catalogue Number Parlophone 8219542
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 74 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 4


Lennon Legend is the third collection of John’s solo greatest hits (Shaved Fish and The John Lennon Collection being the other two) and was released in the UK on 27 October 1997 on the Parlophone label. It was a UK/Europe release under UK catalogue number 8219542 and international catalogue number 7243 8 21954 2 9. We are now at the point where CDs are the major release with vinyl albums being pressed in very small quantities, if at all . The first US CD release was 24 February 1998, also on the Parlophone label with the same catalogue number as the UK/Europe release – 7243 8 21954 2 9.

The CD was re issued and re promoted in the UK/Europe in October 2003. There was nothing new about it track wise though the cover had been colourised and it came in a slip case.

There was one further release in the UK on 11 June 2007 which was a limited edition CD and DVD set, again on Parlophone. The set itself carries the new catalogue number 397 2002 although the CD itself still bears catalogue number 07243 8 21954 2 9. The DVD, which contains videos to all the tracks on the CD release plus some “special features”, has catalogue number 7243 4 90945 9 8.

I have all 3 releases on CD shown below. The two opened copies, and I presume the sealed copy, contain contain a booklet which gives the writing credit for Give Peace A Chance to John Lennon as opposed to the original Lennon & McCartney!

Original 1997 Release

The pictures below are of my original 1997 UK copy. The case (usual slight storage marks), 20 page insert and disc are in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5

2003 Release In Slipcase

The pictures below are of my 2003 release in it’s colourised slipcase. It is still sealed with it’s “Security Protected” tab in place so everything is in perfect condition.

Estimated Value : £5


2007 Limited Edition CD & DVD

The pictures below are of my 2007 release containing the CD and DVD. The case (usual slight storage marks), 20 page insert and discs are in excellent condition. You should be able to make out that the cover is colourised.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10



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