My Sweet Lord / Let It Down / My Sweet Lord (2000) CD Single


Initial UK Release Date 14 January 2002
Initial UK Catalogue Number GnOM/Parlophone/EMI CDR 6571
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 14
Peak UK Chart Position 1


This CD was released in the UK/Europe on 14 January 2002, shortly after George’s death, backed by Let It Down and My Sweet Lord 2000, and had a fourteen week run in the charts, the first of those being at number 1. This gives George the honour of being both the first and the last solo Beatle to have a number 1 single! Another interesting fact about this 2002 release was that it replaced Aaliyah’s More Than A Woman at number 1 – the first time ever that an artist who’d passed away replaced another artist who’d passed away at the top of the charts!

In the US the first CD release was on 11 March 1997 where it was one of 15 CD singles Capitol released as part of their “S1ngle Servings” series. It was backed by Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) and had catalogue number C2 7243 8 58599 2 2. The US then received the same CD release as the UK in January 2002 which was on Capitol/GnOM and had catalogue number C2 7341 5 50438 2 3. The 1997 release did not chart whilst the 2002 release only managed to reach number 94 during a 15 week run in the charts.

The pictures below are of my UK/Europe release. You’ll see on the disc that it says Made In EU but on the actual runout of the CD it says EMI UK showing it to be a UK pressing. There is another UK/Europe release that again says Made In EU on the disc but has EMI UDEN on runout meaning it was pressed in Holland. The CD, case (usual storage marks) and insert are in excellent condition. It still has the original FOPP price sticker on it – £4.

Estimated Value : £3 – £5



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