Pirate Songs Bootleg CD

This bootleg CD was originally released some time in 1995 and is on the Vigotone label with the catalogue number 146. The original bootleg came with a cardboard slip sleeve and a full colour booklet of photos and descriptions of the songs so I think my version is a bootleg of this original bootleg. It is one of the better bootlegs out there with mostly excellent sound quality throughout. I’ve reproduced below the liner notes from the original bootleg which detail what is on the CD.

Our collection starts off with “The Pirate Song”, which was recorded for “Rutland Weekend Television” in 1975.  Collectors will note that this is much better quality than previously available tapes of this performance.
This is followed by a series of acetates.  “Bangla Desh” and “Deep Blue” come from a tape of acetates which were retrieved along with the original multi-track for “Deep Blue”.  Unfortunately, we were unable to transfer the multi-track for this CD because of the condition of the original tape.  The version of “Miss O’Dell” was obtained courtesy of the lady herself.  Note that in this version George gets all the words right.
Next up are a couple of demos, the first is “Dark Horse” (the only performance in which his voice isn’t shot!), followed by a tune given to Jesse Ed Davis to record in 1972, “Sue Me Sue You Blues.”
“Mo” written in honor of then Warner Brothers president Mo Ostin’s 50th birthday is possibly the highlight of this collection.  It was recorded in 1977 and slated for possible inclusion on the George Harrison album and later the Best Of Dark Horse album.  In both instances Mo Ostin asked George to remove the selection.  It was issued recently in a very limited promo only 6CD set given only to Warner Brothers employees.
George plays all the instruments himself on the next track, a demo of “Life Itself” issued originally in 1992 with the expensive collector’s edition book Songs By George Harrison 2.
The next two tracks were recorded in Largo, MD on December 13, 1974 on George’s 1974 tour of North America;   “Hari’s On Tour (Express)” was another track issued with the book Songs By George Harrison 2 while “For You Blue” came with 1988’s Songs By George Harrison.
In another record company blunder, George’s 1980 album Somewhere In England was rejected by Warners for not being commercial enough.  Accordingly, four of the best cuts were omitted from the official release.  “Sat Singing”, “Lay His Head” and “Flying Hour” are sourced from remixes done by George and included with his song book Songs By George while “Tears Of The World”, also remixed, comes from Songs By George 2.
Also from that source is “Hottest Going In Town”, originally recorded for “Shanghai Surprise” in the mid-80’s.  In a similar vein is “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”, which appeared on U.K. TV on the program “Mr. Roadrunner” in 1992.
Next, we have a couple of outtakes from George’s work with The Wilburys.  “Maxine” was left off their most recent offering and would have been George’s only solo song while “End Of The Line” is an outtake from their first album.
Finally, we close our collection with George’s classic “My Sweet Lord”.  This is the 45 mix, shamelessly lifted from a rare Capitol promo (where it was undoubtedly placed by accident!).

The pictures below are of my copy. The CD, case (usual storage marks) and insert are all in excellent condition.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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