Ringo LP


UK Release Date 23 November 1973
UK Catalogue Number Apple PCTC 252
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 20
Peak UK Chart Position 7
Lowest Matrix Numbers YEX 925-1U / YEX 926-3U


Ringo’s first album for three years was released in the UK on 23 November 1973 and three weeks earlier in the US on 2 November 1973. Helped by the stellar cast of musicians, including the three other Beatles, and the success of the lead single, Photograph, it spent twenty weeks in the UK charts, peaking at number 7, whilst in the US it managed thirty seven weeks in the charts peaking at number 2.

The majority of the album was recorded over March and April 1973 at various studios in LA and at Apple Studios in London. Further overdubs were added in July 1973 at Sunset Sound in LA where the album was also mixed. On 13 March 1973, I’m The Greatest, written by John, was recorded by Ringo, John, George, Klaus Voormann and Billy Preston sending the worldwide press into a frenzy about The Beatles reuniting with Voormann replacing Paul! On 16 April 1973, Six O’Clock, written by Paul, was recorded at Apple studios with Paul providing keyboards and backing vocals and Linda adding backing vocals.

As well as all four Beatles, Klaus Voormann and Billy Preston appearing on the album as mentioned above, there were a multitude of other stars including Marc Bolan, Jim Keltner, Robbie Robertson, Nicky Hopkins, Bobby Keys, Lon & Derrek Van Eaton (Apple artists), Harry Nilsson, Martha Reeves, Vini Poncia and Richard Perry.

The sleeve was also given the full treatment and is a gatefold with a 24 page booklet stapled inside containing credits, lyrics and wonderful illustrations of each song by Klaus Voormann. The illustration on the front is by Tim Bruckner and shows Ringo taking centre stage in front of an audience (al la Sgt Pepper) containing, amongst others, every artist who played on the album. In the centre of the audience you can see John holding a star, with Yoko in a bag behind him, Paul, with Linda peering over his shoulder, and George holding a balloon with the Om symbol on it.

At the top of the sleeve you will see the Latin looking motto “Duit On Mon Dei” which is very similar to the Royal motto “Dieu et mon droit”. The royal motto comes from the French “God And My Right” whilst the motto on the sleeve, if you read it as it’s spelt, is just “Do It On Monday” meaning, let it wait.

One final thing about the sleeve. At the bottom of the credits on the attached booklet you’ll find “JIM KELTNER FAN CLUB For all information send a stamped undressed envelope to : 1750 North Vine Street, Hollywood Claif. 90028” which is the same thing George did as a joke on his Living In The Material World album released a few months earlier.

I have 2 copies of the album on vinyl as shown below

UK First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy which has the matrix numbers YEX 925-1U and YEX 926-3U. Visually the record has a few light marks/scuffs but it plays through excellently with only a couple of light ticks on side 2. The gatefold sleeves for this album, being unlaminated, are incredibly hard to locate in excellent condition and I’d probably class mine as very good. It has some light shelfwear, most noticable on the corners, and some light ringwear, but the 24 page booklet is still attached to the sleeve which you don’t see too often. There was no special inner sleeve with this release, mine is in the correct white “Apple” inner which, whilst having no splits, has lots of yellowish age marks.

Estimated Value : £10 – £15


MFP Press

The pictures below are of my Music For Pleasure (EMI’s budget label) copy which was released in the UK on 27 November 1980. This release did not have a gatefold cover or booklet and you’ll see that the front cover no longer has the apple and Duit On Mon Dei motto at the top whilst the rear has a totally different layout for the song credits. It has the matrix numbers YEX 925-5 and YEX 926-5. Visually the record is in excellent condition whilst playing wise it is just about perfect, only the slightest touch of hardly noticable crackle here and there. The sleeve is in excellent condition, just some minor ringwear and a touch of shelfwear, whilst the inner – a standard EMI inner for this release – has a small 2″ split at the bottom.

Estimated Value : £5



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