Ringo The 4th CD


Initial UK Release Date No Official UK CD Release
Initial UK Catalogue Number
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed To Chart
Peak UK Chart Position


Although this was actually Ringo’s 6th solo release, he decided that Sentimental Journey and Beaucoups Of Blues did not count and called this his 4th! Or could it be that he was Ringo -the 4th Beatle!. It was originally released in the UK on 20 September 1977, where it failed to bother the charts, whilst in the US it was released on 30 September 1977 where it only managed to reach number 162 during a six week stay.

The album was recorded between February and June 1977 at Cherokee Recording Studios in LA, and Atlantic Studios in New York. Unlike his previous three albums this release did not include any of the other three Beatles at all nor any of the star names we were used to seeing on a Ringo album – Luther Vandross and Bette Midler, who provided some backing vocals, probably being the only two of note.

The UK has not received an official release of this album on CD though in the US it was released on 18 August 1992 on the Atlantic label under catalogue number 7 82416-2.

As I concentrate on UK released material I do not have a copy though would happily snap up a US release should I come across one cheaply.

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