Something / Come Together 7″ Single


UK Release Date 31 October 1969
UK Catalogue Number Apple R 5814
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 13 (All releases)
Peak UK Chart Position 4
Lowest Matrix Numbers 7YCE 21369-1U / 7YCE 21370-1U


Released on 31 October 1969 Something was the first Beatles single for George Harrison, hence you have Harrisongs at 9 o’clock on the label and not Northern Songs, and was also the first single they released that had already been available on an album (Abbey Road had been available for the past month). It highest position was number 4 in the UK charts though it did make number 1 in a lot of other countries, including the US. I have 6 copies on 7″ single, the 4 listed below and 2 more in singles box sets.


First Press

The pictures below are of my first press copy that has a push out centre and the matrix numbers 7YCE 21369-1U and 7 YCE 21370-1U and a KT tax code. The label is a darkish green and you’ll notice that the Sold in UK….. text has now gone. The record is visually in excellent condition and plays likewise, maybe the odd bit of feint crackle. The Apple sleeve is also in excellent condition, just some minor ring wear. This is probably the hardest original Beatles single to get hold of.

Estimated Value : £10


Second Press (Green Sleeve)

In March 1976 all the Beatles singles were re released in new picture sleeves. I believe there is no difference at all in any of these pressings but, for the record, mine has the matrix numbers  7YCE 21369-1U and 7YCE 21370-1U. The record, just some odd very feint crackle, is in excellent condition whilst the sleeve has ring wear and creasing.

Estimated Value : £5


Picture Disc

Released on 30 October 1989 as part of the It Was Twenty Years Ago Today series. Being a picture disc I have never played it but it appears to be in excellent condition. Mine still has the original insert advertising the other picture discs

Estimated Value : £25 – £35


Capitol For Jukebox Only

In 1994 Capitol issued 15 Beatles singles on coloured vinyl in jukebox only style under their CEMA banner (they issued another 15 in 1996). Below is my copy of Something on blue vinyl. Being on coloured vinyl I have never played it but it appears to be in excellent condition. It comes in a plain white sleeve.

Estimated Value : £10


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