Spicy Beatles Songs Bootleg LP

From the early 1970’s this bootleg is on the TMOQ label (do bootleggers have labels?) and has a catalogue number of TMQ 71076. The LP labels themselves are yellow and completely blank whilst the matrix numbers(?) are 1892 A TMQ-71076-A and 1892 B 71076-B. The cover is just plain white card and comes with a picture sheet of Ringo made up as a part man, part pig doctor – he’s wearing a Robert MD badge – about to give a woman an injection.

The tracks on it are an assortment of early BBC appearances, early Swedish appearances and late 60’s oddities. The most interesting track on it is probably the first, Have You Heard The Word, which isn’t even The Beatles! It’s actually a couple of Australians, Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees and Lulu’s brother, Billy Laurie, who got drunk one afternoon in a recording studio and, for a laugh, did their best Beatles impersonation and came up with this. Although not intended for release it did later appear on a single under the band name The Fut and is actually quite collectable now.

My copy still has the cellophane over the cover holding the picture in and both cover and record are in excellent condition, just some very minor crackle here and there on the record.

Estimated Value : £20


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