The Beatles Collection (Cassette Tapes) TCBC 13

The vinyl version of this box set was released in December 1978 but this cassette tape box set had to wait until Autumn 1982 to see the light of day. Like the vinyl box set it contains the twelve original UK studio albums plus the Rarities release.

I’m unable to play cassettes but these would make for an interesting listen as the running order of the tracks on every tape, apart from Sgt Pepper’s, is different to that of the albums and CDs we know. EMI say that this had to be done to ensure that the running time on each side of the tape was roughly the same so that when side one ended you weren’t turning the tape over and starting half way through the first track on side two! I can’t imagine The Beatles or George Martin being too happy about this as they put a lot of effort into which track went where on the albums. Is there any better way to start your very first album than counting in 1-2-3-4 and launching into I saw Her Standing There? Well the cassette thinks so and kicks off with Misery!!!

The pictures below are of my box set which is in very good to excellent condition though, as stated earlier, I’m unable to actually play the tapes.

Estimated Value : £50 – £100




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