The Concert For Bangladesh CD


Initial UK Release Date 19 August 1991
Initial UK Catalogue Number Epic 468835 2
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 13
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (For 1 week only)


George’s second triple album box set in a row, The Concert For Bangladesh was originally released on 7 January 1972 in the UK and 20 December 1971 in the US, both carrying the same Apple catalogue number STCX 3385. It spent thirteen weeks in the UK charts, with one week at number 1, whilst in the US it spent six weeks at number 2.

It is a recording of the two benefit shows George and friends performed on the afternoon and evening of 1 August 1971 at Madison Square Gardens. Included amongst the friends were Ringo, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Klaus Voormann and Badfinger. John and Paul were also invited to play but Paul didn’t want it to be seen as a Beatles reunion and John, although originally keen, pulled out when he realised Yoko wasn’t included on the invite.

There was a long delay from the actual concerts to the release of the album mainly due to disputes among the artist’s record companies, especially Dylan’s label, Columbia, and disputes with the taxman on both sides of the pond who wanted their cut. The labels were quite happy, however, that after the highly publicised and successful concerts, most of the artists involved saw an upturn in their record sales.

Widely praised upon it’s release, and on subsequent CD releases, the album won Album Of The Year at the Grammys in 1973.

It received it’s first official release on CD in the UK on 19 August 1991. It was a European affair on the Epic label with catalogue number 468835 2.  It was a double disc release, housed in a fatbox with a thirty six page booklet. The initial US CD release was on 30 July 1991 on Apple/Capitol under catalogue number CDP 7 93265 2. There were no bonus tracks on either release.

The next major CD release was on 24 October 2005 when a remastered double disc set was released to coincide with the concert being released on DVD. In the UK/Europe two versions appeared, one in a lidded box that contained a twenty four page booklet and one in a hinged box that contained a thirty six page booklet. Both were on Sony/Epic and both carried the same catalogue number 82876729862. The US release was on Apple/Capitol under catalogue number 09463-35880-2-8. As a bonus track both versions carried the previously unreleased Bob Dylan performance of Love Minus Zero/No Limit from the afternoon show.

The pictures below are of my 1991 UK/Europe release. The fatbox case (usual slight storage marks), booklet and discs are in excellent condition. Funnily enough it still has it’s original receipt with it – my ex wife paid £22.99 for it at WH Smith’s on 17 July 1992!

Estimated Value : £10 – £20



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