The Concert For Bangladesh LP


UK Release Date 7 January 1972
UK Catalogue Number Apple STCX 3385
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 13
Peak UK Chart Position 1 (for 1 week only)
Lowest Matrix Numbers STCX 1 3385 2 / STCX 2 3385 2 / STCX 3 3385 2 / STCX 4 3385 2 / STCX 5 3385 2 / STCX 6 3385 2


George’s second triple album box set in a row, The Concert For Bangladesh was released on 7 January 1972 in the UK and 20 December 1971 in the US, both carrying the same Apple catalogue number STCX 3385. It spent thirteen weeks in the UK charts, with one week at number 1, whilst in the US it spent six weeks at number 2.

It is a recording of the two benefit shows George and friends performed on the afternoon and evening of 1 August 1971 at Madison Square Gardens. Included amongst the friends were Ringo, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Leon Russell, Klaus Voormann and Badfinger. John and Paul were also invited to play but Paul didn’t want it to be seen as a Beatles reunion and John, although originally keen, pulled out when he realised Yoko wasn’t included on the invite.

There was a long delay from the actual concerts to the release of the album mainly due to disputes among the artist’s record companies, especially Dylan’s label, Columbia, and disputes with the taxman on both sides of the pond who wanted their cut. The labels were quite happy, however, that after the highly publicised and successful concerts, most of the artists involved saw an upturn in their record sales.

Widely praised upon it’s release, and on subsequent CD releases, the album won Album Of The Year at the Grammys in 1973.

The pictures below are of my first press UK copy. Unusually the discs are pressed sides 1 and 6, sides 2 and 5 and sides 3 and 4 though this is not just my copy – it will be found on all UK first presses. The matrix numbers are STCX 1 3385 4, STCX 2 3385 1, STCX 3 3385 2, STCX 4 3385 2, STCX 5 3385 5 and STCX 6 3385 3. Although the records have some light sleeve removal marks they play beautifully throughout, hardly any background noise whatsoever. The labels are unmarked and have only the slightest touch of spindle wear. The box itself is still in very good condition, there are no major marks on it though it does have some minor shelf wear and a sticker removal mark on the front. I can’t remember if it came with 3 of the brown inners but I only have one which is in excellent condition, totally unmarked and no splits. The other 2 inners are the white ones with the patent number on. The 64 page booklet is present and that is also in excellent condition, unmarked and fully intact.

Estimated Value : £20 – £25



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