When We Was FAB / Zig Zag / That’s The Way It Goes / When We Was FAB (Reverse End) CD Single


Initial UK Release Date 8 February 1988
Initial UK Catalogue Number Dark Horse W8131CD
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) 7
Peak UK Chart Position 25


The second single taken from the Cloud Nine album, When WeWas Fab was initially released on 25 January 1988 in the UK where it peaked at number 25 during a seven week run. In the US it was released on 30 January 1988 and peaked at number 23 during an eleven week run.

Co written with Jeff Lynne the song harks back to George’s days in The Beatles. As well as some obvious lyrics like Back when income tax was all we had (Taxman) and You’ve Really Got A Hold Me (track on With The Beatles) the music has a real Beatles feel to it, even going psychedelic with backward tapes and a sitar. For good measure Ringo plays the drums.

Continuing the Beatles theme the sleeve includes George’s face taken from the Revolver cover, with the ER from REVOLVER left in for good measure, plus a picture of George as he was in 1988 done in the same style. The boxset release also included a cut out of George in his Sgt Pepper costume.

For the video there is a scene where George and Ringo are playing together with a third person dressed as a Walrus playing the bass left handed. At the same time Neil Aspinall walks by with a copy of John’s Imagine album under his arm so that we have all four Beatles in the shot at the same time. Incidentally Elton John, Paul Simon and Jeff Lynne also have small cameos in the video.

The CD version was issued on 8 February 1988, two weeks after the 7″ single, under catalogue number W 8131CD and was a 3″ CD as opposed to the more common 5″ CD. It features When We Was Fab (Unextended Version) which is the same as the single/album track, Zig Zag which is an instrumental taken from Hand Made’s film Shanghai Surprise, That’s The Way It Goes which is a remixed version of the Gone Troppo track and When We Was Fab” (reverse ending) which is an extended version of the song, containing the last minute or so of the song played in reverse. The US had no CD release!

The pictures below are of my UK/Europe CD release. The inlay was manufactured in Germany whilst the disc itself was made in Austria. You’ll see on the disc itself that George’s name appears above the centre hole and the four tracks appear below it. There is another UK/Europe release where both the CD and the inlay were made in Germany that has George’s name and the first three tracks above the centre hole and just the final track below it. The CD, case (usual storage marks) and insert are in excellent condition.

My 7″ single versions can be found here and my 12″ single versions can be found here.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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