Wonderwall Music CD


Initial UK Release Date 29 June 1992
Initial UK Catalogue Number Apple CD SAPCOR 1
Weeks On UK Chart (to date) Failed to chart
Peak UK Chart Position


Originally released on 1 November 1968 in the UK and 2 December 1968 in the US, this was the first album to appear on the Apple label and the first solo release by any Beatle (Yes, The Family Way was released in 1967 but Paul only composed the music – he did not appear on it at all). Although it didn’t trouble the UK charts it did manage to make number 49 in the US.

It was the soundtrack to the film Wonderwall and was recorded in London and Bombay between December 1967 and January 1968 by a variety of Western and Indian musicians. Among the Western musicians were Ringo, Eric Clapton and Peter Tork of The Monkees, who were uncredited, and the Liverpool band The Remo Four, who were credited individually. It was originally thought that George did not appear on the album at all as his name did not appear anywhere on the list of performers on the insert but the 2014 reissue has him listed as contributing piano and guitar.

It received it’s initial official release on CD in the UK and the US on 29 June 1992. In the UK it was released on the Apple label under UK catalogue number CD SAPCOR 1 with international catalogue number CDP 7 98706 2 whilst in the US it was on Capitol/Apple under catalogue number CDP 7 98706 2. This release contained the same tracks as the original album and was digitally remastered from the original two-track stereo master tapes by Ron Furmanek at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood in December 1991. It came with a 12 page booklet containing photos and details about the album recording and the film. The last page of this booklet is the same picture as the back of the original album cover and, like that picture, is upside down.

On 22 September 2014 in the UK and 23 September 2014 in the US a new remastered version of the album was released along with all of George’s other Apple albums. Both releases carry the catalogue number 0602537913954. This version contained three bonus tracks – an Indian piece called Almost Shankara, In The First Place by The Remo Four and an alternative take of The Inner Light. It could either be bought seperately or as part of the Apple Years 1968-1975 box set.

I have 2 copies of the album on CD, the one shown below and one in the Apple Years box set.


Original 1992 Release

The pictures below are of my original 1992 copy. The case (usual slight storage marks) and disc are in excellent condition as is the included 12 page booklet.

Estimated Value : £5 – £10


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